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Fishing and Maritime Affairs

Being in the proximity to the base of fishing industry operating in coastal and offshore areas, we handle file translation and notarization procedures concerning fisheries, aquatic products and shipping agencies, with fast and real-time communication. We understand you have deadlines, and we are committed to excellent customer service.

Marine transport safety investigations and reports (Maritime accidents)

Liability and claims in international waterway accidents require the need for translation services. To clarify maritime liability to the Coast Guard and insurance claims, we assist in translating the following: maritime report, police records, and death certificates.

Health Safety Environment (HSE)

We translate education and training materials and guideline, helping workers identify, assess and control working conditions, risks, hazards for their safety and health. Multiple language translation is provided to enhance awareness of hazard prediction, pollution and disaster prevention, energy saving and waste reduction, and to actively promote emergency response, disaster mitigation and damage control.

Sale and Purchase Contract and Agreement

For translation needs regarding selling vessels, WinPlus assists your company with: ship registration certificates of any country, deletion certificates, ship inspection certificates, ship sales and purchase contracts, charter contracts, or required legal proceedings documents.


WinPlus has a positive and prosperous track record with assisting Taiwan, various countries, and island countries in collaborating with fisheries, translating company profiles, and assisting in the creation of cooperative development contracts.

We have experience in:
  • Fishing vessel licenses and tonnage certificates of various countries
  • Fishing and fishery activities acts of various countries
  • Fisheries reporting and logbook
  • Crew safety SOP
  • Crew members' police certificates
Aquatic Product Processing and Exporting

For companies in the business of selling aquatic products, WinPlus translates products with regional awareness to the desired country of export.


WinPlus has assisted in interpreting for Fisheries and Seafood Shows in Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Taipei.

Common Requests
  • Fisheries
  • Marine transport safety investigations and reports (Maritime reporting)
  • Health Safety Environment(HSE)
  • Sale and Purchase of Ship
  • Aquatic Product Processing and Exporting
  • Interpretation
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